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Who Is The Most Qualified Person In India?


Most Qualified Person So you must be wondering who is the most qualified person in India. The answer is Dr. Shrikant Jichkar who was a all rounder – academician, politician, painter, professional photographer, and stage actor. He is the Most Qualified…

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Did you know About A Village Called
December 20, 2015
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This Person Is Credited For Inventing Vada Pav


Vada Pav is one of the popular snacks in India, especially in Mumbai. And if you are too big fan of this treat  then you must thank Ashok Vaidya who started this vada pav revolution. Now his  younger son Narendra is…

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Meet Shyam Negi, The First Voter Of Independent India!


Today we shall tell you about the first voter of Independent India. Shyam Negi, from Himachal Pradesh, is believed to be India’s oldest voter as well as first. This retired school teacher, who is 97 year old, has voted for…

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Did You Know About The World’s Longest And Shortest Road ?


World’s Shortest Road: Ebenezer Place, in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, is registered in Guinness Book of Records as wellfor world’s shortest street.The lenghth of road is just 2.06 m. As per records, it surpassed the previous record (5.2 m or 17…

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Did You Know- The Makers of Adidas And Puma Are Brothers?


The Makers of Adidas And Puma Are Brothers Adidas and Puma are one of the famous brands across the world but many do not know that two estranged German brothers founded  both these multi national companies are brothers. Yes! Adolf Dassler also…