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James Clerk Maxwell: Thank Him If You Use Radio,TV And Oven


“The special theory of relativity owes its origins to James Clerk Maxwell ‘s equations of the electromagnetic field.” — Albert Einstein James Clerk Maxwell Was a? Scientist Physicist Mathematician Major Inventions and Discoveries? James Clerk Maxwell formulated James Clerk Maxwell classical…

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If You Are Using USB Then Thank This Indian


This is for all those who use USB. Have you ever wondered who invented it? Who is he? Is a? Inventor Major Inventions and Discoveries? Inventor of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Inventor of the APG (Accelerated graphics Port) PCI Express…

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This Indian Is The Father Of The Pentium Chip


Is a? Inventor Entrepreneur Venture Capitalist Major Inventions and Discoveries? Inventor of the Pentium chip Born on? 1950 Place of birth? Pune, India Nationality? Indian-American Study? B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (now known as Delhi Technological University)…