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Hedy Lamarr: Inventor Of Traffic Spotlight


Was a? Austrian and American film actress Inventor Inventions and Discoveries? Traffic spotlight. Carbonated drink tablet. Spread Spectrum Awards? Electronic frontier foundation pioneer award. BULBIE Gnass sprit of Achivement bronze awards. National inventor hall of fame in 2014 Born on?…

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Steven Paul Jobs: The Man Behind Apple Inc


Was a? • Co founder, chairman and ceo of Apple inc. • Primary investor and ceo of pixar • Founder and ceo of next Inventions and Discoveries? • Iphone • Retina display • Macintosh • Ipod • ipad Awards? •…

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Know About Father Of Computers : Charles Babbage


Rapid Notes: Inventions and Discoveries? Computer program Analytical engine Difference engine   Awards? Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society   Born on? 26 December 1791   Place of birth? London, England   Died on? 18 October 1871   Study…

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Know About Louis Braille And His Contributions To Science


Rapid Notes WAS A? French educator and inventor Inventions and Discoveries? Braille Born on? January 4, 1809 Place of birth? Coupvray, France Died on?  January 6, 1852, Place of death? Paris, France Study life? Institu National des Jeunes Aveugles (international…