Baby Facts

Baby Facts

Who does not like the company of a baby? Babies are cute and adorable bundle of joy. But many people do not know that each baby responds to different actions in different ways. And today we have compiled some facts which might help you in sensing the baby’s responses next time.

Read on to know some cute and amazing Baby Facts :

  • They cannot taste salt, but they have more types of taste buds than adults. So your favourite foods when you were a baby would be different than now.
  • They have a natural tendency to swim. They can even hold their breath. This is because of the environment in mother’s womb. I think the money spent on swimming coaches can be saved if we allow the baby to swim right from its birth.
  • They develop a sense of hearing when they are in mother’s womb. Sshh! The baby can hear, record and memorize what we speak. In fact, the inner ear is the only completely developed part of the baby at its birth.
  • They have near-sightedness for almost one month after their birth. So next time when you are talking to a new-born, be at a distance of 10 inches from eyes if you want the baby to remember you.
  • A baby will have half the foot size of its parent when it is one year old. I think this helps you gift sandals to the baby’s first year birthday.
  • They prefer smiling at grumpy ones. So next time when you meet a baby make grumpy faces at it if you want to see it smile and this appears at about 4-6 weeks after birth.
  • Their brain cells are very active. They tend to learn new words, perceive things around them and learn to respond. I wish we had them forever so that it helps me to complete studying my syllabus just on the day before exam.
  • It can sense both its mother and father with the help of a typical scent. So do not try to fool babies because they have natural capabilities.
  • They lose all hair within 3 months and new hair grows. Sometimes new hair can be of different color too. So do not dream the baby to be tangled of the era.

Happy baby time!

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