gadbad ice cream

Ice cream sundaes are the perfect food to satisfy the sweet tooth.

There is a certain creaminess of the ice cream, sweetness of the jelly and the crunch from the nuts…It is just the perfect amalgamation of different flavors and textures.

So there was this ice cream on my college cafeteria menu called Gadbad, that we all loved.

Although one thing always made me wonder. Why would you call an ice cream ‘Gadbad’?

Now, when I tried to rationalize it, I thought its probably due to a confusion of different flavor combinations.

So, What Really Is Gadbad Ice Cream?

Gadbad ice cream is after all typically made with three different flavor of ice cream, some jelly cubes, rose syrup, chopped fruits & crushed nuts.

This is served in a tall transparent glass with a long spoon. It is a mishmash with no particular taste that stands out distinctly.

While my rationalization wasn’t too far off, that was not the real story behind the name.

Gadbad Ice cream took birth in the kitchens of Hotel Diana, at Udupi in Mangalore.

The story goes like this:

Once there were some visitors at the hotel and they were in a hurry.

They all ordered for the same ice cream. But due to limited stock the founder of the hotel, Mr Mohandas Pai suggested to throw in all the ingredients in a glass and serve.

The customers loved it and came back for the ice cream again. When the waiter said what ice cream they were referring to, they just said we don’t know the one that was served in ‘gadibidi’. In Kannada, Gadibidi literally means ‘in a haste’ or ‘hurry’.

From then on the ice cream made its place on the hotel menu. The tourists themselves named the ice cream as Gadbad, which stands true to the nature of the ice cream.

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