Vastu tips

We have many laws in the whole world. Ever wondered what is nature’s law ?  The concept of Vastu helps to connect with nature’s law as it is an ancient system architecture which integrates with nature.

It is universal and it revolves around the core elements of nature and natural directions that benefit every human being.

If you too want to know in detailed then read on about Vastu tips for home that will bring in the flow of positive energy and prosperity.


Vastu 1

Keep your front gate neat and tidy to enter into a new world which gets us happiness and riches of life. All the positive energies enter from here. Do not clutter or congest entrance door as this may block the path of positive energies and also do not keep too many things near the entrance as that will take time to bring down happiness.

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Vastu 2

Light Agarbattis, lamps and diyas every morning and evening. Doing this shoots away the negative energies and evil eyes from the house. The fragrance of the agarbattis brings happiness and prosperity in the house.

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vastu tips

This should be done as a regular weekly activity. Place lemon in a glass of water and keep it for a week. Change the water every Saturday. This practice helps to keep all the negative energy away.


Vastu 4

We often neglect to clean the windows as we consider them being outside the house. But if we do not keep them clean, we obstruct the way to prosperity. So keep the windows clean.

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Vastu 5

The pictures depicting anger, sadness, war, tragedy or if they have an eagle or owl should be removed immediately. They invite trouble and are inauspicious.

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Vastu 6

Placing salt bowls in the corners of the house will absorb all the negative energy. Salt is the best healer to bring in positive energy.

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Vastu 7

Keep tinkling sweet sounds bell of wind chimes near the windows of the house. This breaks the patterns of negative energy and helps the flow of positive energy.

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