Different Urine

Always you do not have same kind of urine… different urine gives different picture about your health.

Here are some vita signs and signals that you must not as they inform you about what is going on inside your body :


    It is not because of anything sweet you have taken. According to Dr. Holy Philip, “Sweet smell in urine is sometimes important in the diagnosis of diabetes. It shows that your blood sugar level is not ok.” If your urine smells sweet then you should go for a diabetes check.


    This could be a signal of ‘urinary tract infection’. The unusual color could be of bacteria and red blood cells. You might be feeling well but don’t ignore the change in color of urine.


    Sometimes it happens because of excess intake of watermelon or other red fruits, but if the color is too red, then it could be blood in urine. It could be infection, stone in kidney or even cancer.


    Urine usually stinks, but if the smell is very harsh then it could be a signal of bladder infection. If it smells like rotten food then you should immediately consult a doctor.


    Some people say that it happens when we eat too much chilies or spices. It usually happens because of lack of water in your body. But if you are taking enough water and still feeling irritation while peeing, then it could be a signal of urinary infection.


    It is a basic signal of urinary tract infection. If you are feeling irritation every-time you urinate, or feeling to pee very frequently, then it is a symptom of infection. It happens in males after the age of 60. In women it could be a signal of pregnancy. Hormonal changes increases blood flow in Liver. It sometimes happens because of excess caffeine or alcohol.

So next time you notice any of the symptoms or differ mentioned above, don’t ignore, immediately go see a doctor.

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