Fat Burning Foods

The best way to say bye to flabby parts is by eating specific foods and not by starving.

Yes!  We are asking you to eat to slice off fats from your body. When you starve you just tend to over eat later. So never ever starve instead whenever you feel hungry instead of bringing on any food item you can consider some ‘fat fighting’ foods.

These foods or you can say ‘super foods’ have unique factors that helps the body’s metabolism which results to burning of fats.

Read on so that you know what to stock up so that you can eat when hunger pangs hit you and you will not bloat up too :

1… Almonds and Nuts

This healthy snack is ideal food to eat when hungry as this super food also helps to build muscles and curb cravings.

Almonds and Nuts

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2… Hot peppers

These Fat Burning Foods  aid to fire up weight loss. How ? These food items are great sources of flavorless chemical called capsaicin. And as per studies, this chemical curbs our appetite and speeds up metabolism. So spicy lovers can rejoice.

hot-peppers fat burning foods

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3… Green tea

Studies prove that green tea is very helpful to spike metabolism. And high metosbolism  promotes weight loss.

Green tea is loaded with catechins which is type of phytochemical that spurs our metabolism. Try taking your green tea hot and several times in a day for maximum benefit.


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4… Oats

Oats whole grains and are high fiber content. These factors help to cut out cholesterol from body. They are also best for people who are diet as they make you feel full faster. So instead of munching any processed foods or snacks, you can just grab bowlful of oatmeal.

If you are not that fan of oats then you can consider other whole grains like quinoa, brown rice and other whole grain cereals.

oats fat burning food

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5… Beans and Legumes

These are one of the vital weight loss staples. Beans and legumes not only help in building muscles but also aid in burning fats and regulates digestion as well.

beans and legumes fat burning foods

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6… Make sure your plate is green.

If you want to cut down flabs then you have to start eating these easily available fat fighting foods i.e spinach and other green vegetables. Why ? They are great at muscle building and also fight free radicals.

green-leafy-veggies_fat burning foods

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7… Watermelon, Pears, Apples, Grapes and Berrries

All these fruits are great fat burning foods as it is liked by most of us. These food items are full of water and nutrients but low in calories.

fruits fat burning foods

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