Benefits of Red wine

Benefits of Red wine

In many western countries, there is a tradition of drinking red wine with meals.

Well, it is way beyond tradition. Behind every red wine and food combination, there lies a deep reason behind ‘why that combination is preferred.

Some food products need better digestion which can be better with red wine.

Apart from digestion there are many other benefits of red wine. Read on to know.

  • Aids weight loss

There are many compounds present in wine which gives various health benefits.

Piceatanmol is a compound which is converted from resveratrol in red wine which is believed to prevent fat cells from getting stored in the body.

There are many researches which has been conducted on piceatanmol which shows that piceatanmol binds itself to the insulin receptors thus preventing fat cells to grow.

Drinking red wine 2 times a week can be a part of your weight loss regime if you wish too.


  • Helps in fighting against common cold

Wine is more commonly preferred in cold regions and one main reason is that it helps in combating common cold.

People who are more susceptible to cold can try red wine therapy.

Red wine is rich in antioxidants which helps in fighting off infections and helps in improving the immunity.

A glass of red wine every alternative day can turn out be a great cough syrup!


  • Helps in reducing elevated cholesterol levels

Researches have shown that a glass of red wine everyday helps in reducing the LDL cholesterol by 9%.

People who suffer from high BP issues have seen visible effects with consumption of red wine every day.

It helps in reducing cardiovascular risks.


  • Helps in regulating elevated blood sugar levels

Resveratrol, which is a main component in red is believed to aid in insulin secretion. It is also believed that it contains protein which helps in regulating insulin and glucose sensitivity.

It is beneficial for people suffering with diabetes as maintaining stable blood glucose levels is something which every diabetic wish for.



  • Makes your heart, a healthy one!

Red wine helps in protecting your heart against blood clotting.

Polyphenols helps in keeping the blood vessels flexible which means that the risk of blocked arteries becomes less!

It works exactly like aspirin does!


Moderation is the key point! Take care…do not overdo on anything, not even on healthy things!!

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