how to choose the best watermelon

Watermelon is one of the best fruits which tops my preferences always!

Be it summers or be it winters, I can always have watermelons!

Do you know why I am so fond of them?

Among the many benefits of Watermelon, these stand out as immensely healthy ones!

  • It controls blood pressure
  • It helps in reducing body fat
  • Not only that, it also improves overall eye health
  • It keeps your body hydrated
  • It helps in keeping your kidney healthy
  • Watermelon also works on your mood swings
  • It keeps your heart healthy!
  • It helps in delaying cancer occurrence
  • Beside that, watermelon also helps in boosting your energy levels
  • It is a very rich source of antioxidants, which helps in fighting against free radical damage in the body

So, I guess after reading the above points, you will get the reason behind why I am so fond of them!

How to choose the best watermelon for you?

Before I knew the trick to choose the best watermelon, I use to get upset every time. I never used to get my type of watermelon! It was always unripe and tasteless. Every time I went to buy a watermelon, fruit vendor would fool me very easily. Later, I found out ways on how to choose the best watermelon!

These tips will help you in mastering your choice of the sweetest watermelon out of the bunch!

  • Examine the field spot

  • You might have seen those light spots on the covering on watermelon. Those are called as field spots. Field spot is the part which was in contact with the ground throughout its growth period.
  • If the field spot is creamy yellow in colour then it means that it is a ripe watermelon.
  • If it white in colour, then it indicates that watermelon is picked before time.
  • Go for uniform (shaped) watermelons

  • Avoid choosing those watermelons which have cuts/bruises/dents.
  • Bumped watermelons should not be eaten, as it shows that watermelon might be overexposed to the sunshine to its growing period which is unhealthy and won’t have the desired nutrients.
  • Heavy ones are always the best!

  • Choose big and heavy watermelon, which means that it is ripe and full of water! Those are best ones!
  • Colour matters!

  • Dark green colour and dull watermelons are the best.
  • Shiny watermelon is a sign of being unripe.
  • Tap to get the best!

  • Make use of your hands, to be more precise use your knuckles to this test.
  • Tap on the watermelon with your knuckles, if it makes a hollow sound then go for it! it is a sign of being ripe.

Now that you know how to choose the best watermelon, don’t compromise on deliciously healthy fruit this season!

 Stay tuned for more life hacks!

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