mindful eating

Mindful Eating -The Best Way to Keep Yourself Hale and Hearty

When it comes to avoiding binge-eating, the most crucial factor is to eat mindfully.

We often overlook the power of mindful eating & that’s when all the food related health issues take root.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful Eating is being present in the moment, involving all your senses and paying attention to the appearance, aroma, texture & flavour of the food.

Mainly it is paying attention to your body’s response to the food. And acknowledging when your body sends you the signal of being full.

Mindful eating is an art in itself.

How to Master this Art of Mindful Eating?

  • The first and most important thing for eating mindfully is to switch off completely from the outside world. Cut out all the distractions. Do not eat while watching T.V., reading newspaper or while checking your Facebook page. The world can wait until you finish your meal.
  • Only eat when you are sitting down. Eating on the go does not help you to feel full. You don’t even realize how much you’ve eaten. Also when you eat while walking around and multi-tasking, there’s a chance you will end up with an upset stomach due to incomplete digestion.
  • Use a smaller plate- Research says that when you use a smaller dish to serve yourself, your plate will look full. You can fool your mind with the illusion of actually eating a lot more and so you feel contented rather than deprived. People using bigger plates usually feel that there’s not enough food on the plate and end up having bigger portions. A nine inch dish is good to go.
  • Eat smaller bites- People who eat smaller bites eat fewer calories as compared to those who eat bigger morsels. That is because eating smaller bites gives you time to realize when you’ve had enough.
  • Eat slowly, chew your food properly- Don’t make having a meal a task that you want to tick off your to-do list. A meal should be a ritual to heal and nourish the body, not something to just get done with. Do not eat in a rush. Chew each bite properly (32 times to be specific) before gulping it. You would be surprised at the different flavor that are revealed when you masticate your food well!
  • Put down the cutlery- Don’t hurry to get the next morsel ready to be shoved into your mouth. Put the fork or spoon down after each bite. And do not pick it up until you have swallowed and enjoyed your previous morsel. The same goes while eating with hand. Wait to make the next morsel until you are done.
  • And stop when you are full- Don’t just continue eating because you have to finish all the food on the plate. Its not worth adding tires around your waist-line. Definitely we do not advise wasting food, but that’s exactly why we focus on serving smaller portion to begin with.

In this fast paced life, where technology has helped us progress, it also has taken us away from our traditions. Our ancestors knew how to make a feast out of every meal. They had mastered the art of mindful eating and they were the ones to live a healthy happy life.

So, lets take note from them and enjoy our next meal to the fullest. After all its not what you eat, but how you eat it that counts. Bon appetit!!

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