Jal Neti

A yogi or anyone who practices yoga will tell you how yoga is a ‘wholistic’ system.

You name a health issue and yoga has its solution for you. It combines numerous kriyas or techniques to keep you sound- mentally, physically, as well as spiritually.

One kriya which is rapidly gaining popularity is Jal Neti. It means water nasal cleansing.

Jal neti is a method used to clear your sinuses.

Neti is one of the six purification methods used in Hatha Yoga.

The ancient text of Hatha Yoga ‘Pradeepika’ mentions 6 technique to cleanse your body & prepare your body and mind for higher forms of yoga. These are called ‘Shatkarmas’ literally meaning 6 actions.

When done regularly & in a correct manner, Jal neti provides a lot of benefits. And the best part is that it only take a few minutes of your time to reap the numerous rewards.

How to perform Jal Neti?

  • You don’t need any fancy equipments to perform Jal Neti.
  • All you need is water, some salt and a Jal neti pot.The Pot is a small vessel with a pout.
  • It can be of anything like copper, steel, ceramic or even plastic. You can find them easily at any health store.

To prepare for the procedure

  • Warm half a litre of water slightly, so that it is not too hot neither too cold. It should be just as warm as your body temperature approximately.
  • Add 1/2 tbsp sea salt and stir until it dissolves. Once you’ve done that, fill the pot with water.
  • The salt should be in right proportion so it can help to cause osmosis to get the dirt out and it does not irritate the nasal tissues.
  • Once you get the apparatus ready, stand with your legs slightly apart.
  • Bend your back at a 60 degree angle in front and tilt your head to one side.
  • Now place the pout in the upper nostril and keep your mouth open to breathe through your mouth.
    The head should be placed such that the water enters your upper nostril and flows out of your other nostril in a continuous stream.
  • If the water isn’t coming out or if there’s only a trickle adjust your head by tilting further until you get the smooth flow.
  • Continue until you finish the water in the pot.
  • Then refill the pot once and tilt your head to the other side. Say you inserted the pout in your left nostril, so now its time to cleanse from right to left.
  • Repeat it the same way.If you have time on you, you can even do the cleansing of each nostril twice.
  • Drying of the nostril is just as important after Jal neti.
  • To dry the nostril, sit in vajrasana, hold a napkin in front of your nose and breathe forcefully through the nose to get any water left in the nostril out (similar to kapalbhati).
  • It is important to get all the water out, as any remnants can cause you to catch cold.


  • Neti ritual has tremendous benefits on all respiratory disorders & illness associated with you ears.
  • Jal neti helps cleanse your nasal passage to get rid of any dirt, bacteria trapped in the mucous in your nasal passage. Therefore it helps to prevent an occurrence of cold, cough, tonsils.
  • Its helps to reduce problems such as sinusitis, migraine, headache.
  • Neti aslo helps to prevent middle ear infections and certain types of deafness.
  • It helps to improve clarity of vision by clearing the eye duct. The eye get hydrated, hence they shine more.
  • Cleansing helps to de-sensitize the sensitive tissue in the nasal passage that could cause rhinitis, asthma etc.
  • Doing neti regularly helps to improve focus, concentration and gives mental clarity. It helps to stimulate the psychic centre called ‘Ajna Chakra’ or our third eye.
  • It also has subtle effects on the olfactory bulb which is associated with our sense of taste. Thus it also improves our sense of taste and smell.

With a practice, you can master the technique of Jal Neti and stay disease free for a lifetime.

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Check this video for better understanding of the technique :