Unique Ice Creams

Unique Ice Creams

Nobody feels to get out of the house or the workplace on oh-so-hot day.

Well, Mumbai is one such place where humidity is something which always remains but Mumbaikars always find their way out!

Just like grabbing an iceeeee—creamm??

Well, Vindays brings to you the most happening ice-creams in Mumbai!

Have a look!

  • Bacon and olive ice-cream

Blend of olive oil with chunks of bacon in it! Do I have to say more?

Where to get: – Mezzo Mezzo, Marriot!

Cost: – Doesn’t really matter, give it a try.

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  • Flower pot surprise

This particular ice cream treat will make go straight to heaven and yes every bit of it is surprise.

Cost: Rs 400/-


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  • Beer popsicles

Brewed beer freezed into lolies, served with butter cookies!

Where to get: – The white owl, lower parel.

Cost: – Rs 195/-


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  • Bubbling kulfi

This is served in a flask of liquid nitrogen with different flavours! What are you waiting for? Just give it a try!

Where to get: – Spice klub, lower parel

Cost: – Rs 355/-

bubbling kulfi spice klub

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  • Green chili ice-cream

If you love the spice, you will love the spicy ice-cream!

Where to get: – Bachelorr’s Chowpatty

Cost: – Rs 35/-


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  • Kolkata Meetha Paan Ice Cream

Now get the taste of a delicious pan with this icecream!

Where to get: – Amaya Indian Grill & Kitchen, Kurla

Cost: –145/-


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  • Masala Chai Popsicle

Where to get: – The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel

Cost: – 200/-


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  • The Big Bang Theory

Where to get: – Joss, Juhu

Cost: – 1750


What are you waiting for ? Tag your friends and go on ice cream trip !

Note: The rates may vary.