Not so healthy foods

Not So healthy foods

Being in the healthcare industry, I am always surrounded with lots of Do’s and Don’ts’s.

Sometimes it becomes quite frustrating but at the end I am here to serve the people for something good.

I couldn’t actually relate to the terms when I was on the other side of the table but now when my patients ask me these questions, I can relate to it.

The most common question which I get to hear almost every day is…

“How healthy is the food in the ad which comes on XYZ channel?”

I just have one thing to tell them, so healthy foods are not always so- healthy! You should be wise enough to choose something which goes inside your body.

This article targets all the people who get carried away with the television ads and confuse themselves with not so- healthy foods!

Here is a list of all those food stuffs which might be in your kitchen shelf under the tag of HEALTHY: –

  • Low fat milk or skimmed milk

Since I need to lose weight, I am prescribed to have skimmed milk because it doesn’t add to my fat”

Every single day I have one person who comes up with this…

Here are some facts about not so healthy- skimmed milk: –

  • It’s better to choose a full fat milk rather than a skimmed milk.
  • Skimmed milk or low fat milk are usually infused with powdered milk to improve its consistency.
  • Skimmed milk or low fat milk are very low in fat soluble vitamins than the usual cow milk.
  • While on the other hand, whole milk keeps you full for a longer period with all the goodness of health in it.
  • Research studies have shown that continuous use of skimmed milk might affect your arteries.

What do you prefer, clogging your arteries or fat loss?

  • Egg white’s vs Whole eggs

“I have cholesterol issues, I am told to avoid egg yolk”

“I have to lose weight so I am prescribed only egg whites”

I just wonder that when and why these myths just come up and everyone starts following this blindly? If you check the US FDA researches, it is proved that egg yolk does no harm to your body.

So, people with high cholesterol, feel free to have them! Always remember, liver produces much more cholesterol everyday so yolk has nothing to add on to it!

Just to get the facts cleared,

  • Egg whites lack choline (Which helps in the brain development and brain functioning) which is present in yolk.
  • Egg whites do all the vitamins and minerals which are present in yolk.

“ What is your choice now, getting the most of the nutrients or throwing it away??”

  • Breakfast cereals

The other day I went to the super market, I saw people loading their bags with loads of ready to eat breakfast cereals. I was waiting there to see if anybody is looking at the label or no.

But except me, I dint find anyone doing so. I was just wondering that these television ads have made people blind or the entire healthcare industry?

This is for the people who start their day with not so health breakfast cereals:

  • These cereals are loaded with good amount of unwanted sugar. That’s the reason you get the taste without even add anything to them.
  • They have preservatives so that they can be used even months after its manufacturing.
  • The sugar coating on the cereals are empty calories. There isn’t anything healthy about those calories!

Choose your products wisely, its only you who can decide what’s healthy and what’s not for your body!

Stay tuned for more not- so healthy food stuffs…exclusively at Vindays!

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