‘You should take rest during the first 2 days of your menstrual cycle.’

‘Don’t exert yourself with workouts during your periods.’

Almost every girl has heard this in her life- either by her grandparents, parents, or even their trainers. This is just another myth which hasn’t been assessed by the experts. Most of the girls excuse out of the workout during these days.
Even I had the same myth like every other girl until I met a physiotherapist. I asked her this query which was an eye opener for me.
This myth is strongly supported saying that, ‘It’s bad for health’.
Rather than saying it’s bad for a girl’s health, I would say that exercising during menstrual cycle is good!
Here are some benefits of exercising during menstruation!

(1) Regular exercises help in giving comfortable periods and there are studies done on the same!
(2) When you exercise regularly, heavy bleeding is normalized.
(3) You feel less bloated and mood swings are managed well. Bloating reduces the moment you sweat while exercising.
(4) Feel good hormones are released during workout which helps in keeping you happy and less irritated.
(5) You tend to lose more weight on the days when you are menstruating.This is because the level of female hormones drop during the cycle, which helps the body access carbohydrates and glycogen easily. This, in turn, accelerates the fat burning process.


Listen to your body!
– Every girl’s body is different. You need to check signs and symptoms of your body.
– If you have severe abdominal cramps, a simple walk will also help in lowering your cramps. Do not indulge yourself in strenuous workouts.

But if you have no such symptoms, go ahead and workout!

What kind of workout should you do?

Image result for Hormonal levels when you workout during period
If you have no symptoms of discomfort, continue with your daily workout routine. If you are facing slightest of discomfort, you can try any of these mentioned below:-
(1) Walking
(2) Running
(3) Yoga
(4) Aerobics
(5) Dancing
(6) Planks

Workout and feel good!
Be proud to be a woman!

All the wonderful women out there, you are truly awesome!