Inventor of Ice cream cone

Who doesn’t like ice creams. Be it kids, teenagers or our elders.

We all scream for ice cream don’t we?

Its not just the ice cream that makes for a yummylicious treat but the crispy cone adds to the fun of it.

Its the crunch of the cone that amplifies the pleasure of having an ice cream by ten folds.

But did you know who actually created the yummy cone ? If not then read on to know the interesting story behind the invention of Ice Cream cones!

Italo Marchioni- Inventor of Ice cream cone. He invented the first humble cone in 1896.

Marchioni worked as a pushcart vendor at New York. He sold his ice cream on Wall Street serving them in small glass dishes. However, people either wandered away with them or Marchioni broke them in transit.
This made him wonder what he could use that would be feasible to serve the ice cream without the damages.

Marchiony had his Eureka moment one night while working in the family kitchen. He discovered that he could make waffles and roll them to make edible conical vessels to serve the ice cream.

Inventor of Ice cream cone

Initially he made them by hand but it was difficult to meet the customer demands by making handmade cones.

It took time to cook and then harden as they cooled. So later, he designed a waffle iron machine which made ten cones at a go. He claimed for a patent for his cone invention in 1902 and was granted one in December 1903.
Italo Marchioni is known to have found the ice cream sandwich later, as he served ice cream between two cookies.

The ice cream cone however gained popularity in 1904 at St. Louis World Fair. Legend has it that Ernest A. Hamwi, a Syrian sold Zalabi (a thin waffle-like Persian pastry) next to ice cream vendor Charles Menches at the fair. Although he did not make much sales.

Hamwi volunteered to help Charles while he was short of dishes, by offering his waffles to serve the ice cream scoops on. The customers loved the combination.

Soon there were atleast fifty ice cream vendors selling the ice cream cones. And Hamwi went on to become the superintended of Cornucopia Waffle Co. In 1910, he founded the Missouri Cone Co.

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