Did You Know About The Fascinating Snapchat’s Invention Story?

Inventor of Snapchat

Snapchat has been rated amongst the top three apps which are used globally .

The idea of disappearing pictures is the trademark of this app and not only that but you actually get awarded for your snap score bah !

Fascinating , isn’t it ?

Having said that , have you ever wondered who is the inventor of this brilliant app ?

Well, not one but they are three of them !


The three : Reggie Brown , Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy met at Stanford University .

It was the last semester of Brown and Spiegal at the university in spring 2011 , while Murphy had already graduated from the university.

One day , Reggie Brown said -‘ I wish the pictures that I’m sending to this girl would disappear on their own !’, Murphy and Spiegal were surprised but also thought that this idea was a million dollar one .

And voila ! The idea of disappearing pictures was worked on and brought into reality by inventing an app which was named as PicaBoo.


PicaBoo stood on a foundation which made the pictures disappear as soon as the receiver saw them once !

The Ghost logo was designed by the three and they posted themselves as ; Brown – CMO , Murphy – CTO  and Spiegal – CEO.

PicaBoo was launched in July 2011 , but due to lack of marketing the application had only 127 users by the end of summer . Some things are always inevitable and thats what happened with the three !

Reggie Brown thought that the company wouldn’t work and that he wanted his 30% share and that just messed up their friendship and the company partnership as well.


Murphy and Spiegal thought that the demands weren’t right and they cut him off !

The app was renamed as Snapchat and the marketing strategy was targeted towards High school students .

This was the time when there were less inputs and more outputs . The app reached a popularity level which gave snapchat over a 100,000 users by the end of spring 2012.

Due to its popularity , a lot of companies started endorsing with snapchat.

Facebook thought that Snapchat would bring a glitch into their business and they offered Murphy and Spiegal about $3 million but the owners thought the company was way too worthy than just three million !

And so they denied.

By the end of 2013 , the application was worth over $10 million and I think they made a good choice by denying the offer made by Facebook !

It is 2016 now and the current value of the application is way more than 15 million dollars and by having a look at the popularity chart , this app is a trend setter and cannot be compared with any other app in this world !

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