Mary Anderson

Was a?

  • Real estate developer
  • Rancher

Inventions and Discoveries?

  • inventor of the wind-shield wiper

Born on?

February 19, 1866,

Place of birth?

Greene County, Alabama, United States



Died on?

June 27, 1953

Place of death?

Monteagle, Tennessee, United States

Short Notes:

  • Mary Anderson is well known for inventing the first operational wind shield wiper.
  • She named her invention a window cleaning device for electric cars and other vehicles.
  • Her version of invention was not put into Production but it closely resembles the windshield wiper found on many early car models.
  • Anderson then again began creating a design very similar to a modern windshield wiper that operated with a lever from inside the vehicle.(like how we see in auto rikshaw now a days)
  • Anderson finished creating her model design for manufacturing and patented her design on November 10, 1903.
  • She tried to sell her design to many manufacturing companied but no one stepped in for its production.
  • Anderson died  on June 27, 1953.
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