History of Laughter

History of Laughter

Laughing is the best medicine. Indeed it’s true as laughing even for five minutes a day can cure you from stress and depression.

But did you ever thought of how this beautiful emotion-action was done for the first time ?

We did and we traced the history to check out it’s amazing origin and evolution!

Read on to know History of Laughter

Laughter originated  from chimpanzees and it continued to early humans.

Chimpanzee’s laughter is not readily recognizable to humans as such, because it is generated by alternating inhalations and exhalations that sound more like breathing and panting.

King Solomon in 931 B.C.  gave the earliest accounts of healing power of laughter.

The ancient Greek physicians  prescribed  their patients to visit the hall of comedians. They  send their patients to the theater to be entertained as a part of the healing process.

Early Native Americans had clowns who worked with Witch Doctors. They too realized the powerful effects of humor and laughter in healing. The 3rd most important person in the tribe was the clown.

Throughout the centuries Court Jesters were hired to relieve the royalty’s stress from their governing duties.

In 14th Century, French surgeon Henri de Mondeville used humor therapy to aid recovery from surgery.

He wrote “Let the surgeon take care to regulate the whole regiment of the patient’s life for joy and happiness allowing his relatives and special friends to cheer him and by having someone tell him jokes.”

There are various books written about humor and to produce humor. Since ages, laughter has been a part of everyone’s life. From a just born to an old being, everybody can laugh.

Healthy or sick, Happy or unhappy, sleeping or awake; you can laugh.

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